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the boudoir experience 

It's time to do this for you.

The very ✨FIRST✨ person to purchase as soon as the cart opens will also receive A $75 VICTORIA'S SECRET GIFT CARD!

($300 value)

- Professional Hair and Makeup by Fresno’s Best Artists    **False eyelashes included

- 3-4 Outfits to photograph

- Private photo shoot day with us at the ⭐️BRAND NEW⭐️ studio for 2024! 😍

- Coaching + Pose Direction throughout the session

- Professional Retouching of your images

- Access to new outdoor photo shoot location (waterfalls/pool/etc.) 🌴



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"I was concerned about just not feeling comfortable overall or not loving the what I looked like. Like every girl in the world I have parts of my body that I don't favor.

Taylor made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, that I didn't even think about my insecurities during my shoot! I had so much fun, and I LOVE my images!!! I've never felt more beautiful and every time I look back on my pictures it's a reminder of just that! I can't wait to do round 2!

I would tell any girl in the world to not even second guess if they should do a boudoir shoot or not. Just DO IT & I promise you won't ever regret it! I hear a lot of friends say "I want to wait until i'm this weight" or want to wait until they achieve a certain body goal, but I think you should set a date and go for it! I was no where near my "goal weight" and I absolutely love my photos."

comfortable in my own skin"

"Taylor made me feel so

real clients. real women.

"If you're visiting Fresno Boudoir for the first time of the fiftieth. If you're a bride to be, single, married (as I am), widowed, or have children or soon to have children. I want to say hello to you and I feel you. I was in your shoes. Now, JUMP. It will be the best thing ever. I am the last person on earth that would have ever done boudoir, but I jumped and it was the perfect net to fall in. She was a SUPER professional, her marketing matched her delivery and breezy easy going personality which would help me so much later....

(I almost cancelled I am sooo glad I didn’t) When I say it was the beginning of healing I didn’t know I needed, I mean it. Taylor took part in helping heal a part of me that was SO wounded and hurt.
My photo session with Taylor was such a breath of fresh air she radiated positivity and professionalism that just made it easy to trust her as a professional. I left feeling beautiful, uplifted and positivity elevated, my makeup was done my hair was tossed, and I had just done yet again something that was hard for me to do in the week but that actually fed my soul, I likely make it sound like a spiritual experience but for me it was just that next level kind of a thing in terms of elevating my whole being. Boudoir has a very unexpected special place in my heart for those reasons and SOOO SO many more." 

uplifted and positivity elevated"

"I left feeling beautiful,

real clients. real women.

"I came across Taylor's IG page & loved all her photos, tasteful yet sexy! Exactly what I was looking for! Taylor is amazing. Her confidence in her work, makes you feel confident in yourself! She has a way with people & makes you feel comfortable within minutes of knowing her.

I'm a mommy of 3 and have never done anything like this. I was very nervous. I'm not photogenic, so I was worried to say the least. I felt very comfortable with Taylor. She is amazing and her work is flawless. You don't have to know what to do at all. Taylor guided me through the entire shoot. I had no idea what the end results would be. When I finally saw my reveal, I was blown away!! I have never seen myself in such a beautiful & sexy way. She gave me a newfound confidence!"

through the entire shoot"

"Taylor guided me

real clients. real women.

I found Taylor through my wedding day make up artist Emily’s instagram. Of course, I stalked her Instagram (and then website) and fell in love. She was a real woman who wanted fellow real woman to feel extraordinary. I loved everything she wrote about and all of her answers to FAQ. I can’t stress enough how EASY and FUN she made the whole experience. Literally ANYONE can do this, trust me!

Like every girl, my biggest concern was how my body would look. You never know if your angles are flattering until you see the photos after it’s all said and done. Luckily this where Taylor EXCELS! She poses you to a T and captures the most flattering angles and lighting. She does everything for you: tells you where she wants your body, hands, chin, eyes, etc. Its so easy! She makes you feel like a real confident model and the photos reflect that!

The moment I got home from my shoot I was texting my friends about it. I feel like every woman needs to do one! I now have documentation of a time in my life where I felt truly confident in close to no clothes. I gifted my hubby with some photos, but let’s face it, this was all for me! I got wall art to hang in my room to remind myself daily that I am a beautiful confident woman, no matter my size or age. Every woman needs that. Not a photo of some impossible magazine super model, but a gorgeous photo of THEMSELVES! I’m already trying to think of an excuse to do another one!

EASY and FUN she made the whole experience."

"I can’t stress enough how

real clients. real women.

Unfortunately I have that awful character defect of never feeling good enough... BUT... I did the session anyway and am oh so grateful I did!! In all of my forty years, I’ve never felt more gorgeous and Taylor played a huge part in that!

I chose Taylor because her client testimonies speak for themselves, working with her studio was nothing less than magical! She is such a blessing and has a natural gift of making you feel truly beautiful! It was an amazing experience from beginning to end and one I believe every woman should treat themselves to!

If my best friend called and asked "Should I do a Boudoir Shoot with Taylor, too?!", I would say without a doubt, your appointment should have been booked yesterday! It was as much for me as it was for my husband, I don’t regret the experience for a second and it was worth every single penny!!!

nothing less than magical!"

"Working with her studio was

real clients. real women.

"I chose Taylor because her photos were classy and tasteful. I also loved that she works mostly in black and white. Her studio was so comfortable and perfect. The natural light that she has coming in was so pretty. Taylor knows how to use it perfectly.

I was self conscious about my body after having 2 babies. Also, doing something for myself, as I'm a mom and I do focus on my kids and family before me. After my shoot I felt like the most beautiful version of myself. Taylor made me feel like a million bucks.

You will love Taylor. She makes the process so smooth and comfortable and you leave feeling like the best version of yourself."

the most beautiful version of myself."

"After my shoot I felt like

real clients. real women.

"My only concern was that I wouldn’t look very good because I’m not very skinny and I don’t feel beautiful because of my weight. Taylor did such an amazing job. The pictures make me look beautiful and sexy! I had so much fun.

She made me feel beautiful."

beautiful and sexy!"

"The pictures make me look

real clients. real women.

"I was nervous going into the session, but after a few minutes with Taylor, she made it so relaxing and fun. After seeing the images, I was in love and was even more happier with my decision to do a boudoir shoot!

You have to do it! Not only is it a gift for him, it’s also a gift for yourself! Great self esteem booster and such a fun experience!

My favorite part was getting dolled up and taking photos! When are you ever going to be able to do something like that again?!"

such a fun experience!"

"Great self esteem booster and

real clients. real women.

Highly recommend choosing Taylor for this experience. She is kind, professional and makes you feel at ease. She made this experience fun and the final product was PHENOMENAL.

She truly knows what she is doing and captures beautiful photos. Her work is amazing and I can't thank her enough for making me feel the most beautiful. This is truly an experience you will not regret and Taylor will make you want to do it again with how beautiful her work turns out.

She is a gem and very talented at what she does! Thank you Taylor for giving me a such a great experience and making me feel beautiful and comfortable.

Taylor for this experience."

"Highly recommend choosing 

real clients. real women.

I was very hesitant to schedule my boudoir shoot for all of the insecure reasons (too old, not thin enough, unsure if I will look pretty) but I truly didn't need to stress about any of that at all.

 Taylor's photography style is timeless, classy, and beautiful and she instantly put me at ease. Her hair and makeup artist Emily transformed me into a glamorous woman and Taylor made me feel like a princess during the shoot. She talked to me beforehand and knew exactly what kind of photos I was wanting and she incorporated the pieces I brought to wear into a few pieces she had in her closet pulled out for me.

 Taylor talks you through all of the poses and she accents and emphasizes the features of yourself you love and de-emphasizes the ones you don't. It was incredibly easy and really fun and she is very professional. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and I loved them all when I sat down with her for my photo reveal. My album I chose is luxurious and well worth every penny. I highly recommend a boudoir shoot with Taylor-- conquer those fears and have the time of your life! You'll thank me!

the time of your life!"

"Conquer those fears and have

real clients. real women.

regularly: $300.00



"I was in shock at how amazing they turned out."

"I was very nervous prior to the shoot. Taylor’s ability to make you feel relaxed and beautiful at all times truly made the experience more memorable.”




my clients are all real women, not models.

I photograph women who are



"I can’t stress enough how EASY and FUN she made the whole experience. Literally ANYONE can do this, trust me! I feel like every woman needs to do one!"


I’m Taylor, and I serve women who can’t wait to feel that boost of confidence from their boudoir photoshoot experience.

you're in the right place

Yes, I currently offer digital files with my collections! Digital images start at $1550.

Do you offer digital images?

No images are ever shared without our clients’ written consent. The images on our website are of real clients, from whom we have received signed consent forms to post their images.


This includes your photo shoot day with us at the studio, your professional hair and makeup artist, 3-4 outfits to photograph, my coaching and pose direction throughout your shoot, professional retouching of your images and your Image Reveal & Ordering appointment (which happens 2-3 weeks after your shoot)

What's included in the $99 Session fee? (Reg. $300)

After your session, you'll come back to the studio to choose how to display your images and what images you'd like to purchase. We offer photo albums, wall art, digital images, and specialty products. We offer an a la carte menu and collections, with albums starting at $899. Collections combine digital images and printed albums, starting at $1550. We also offer payment plans, upon request.

What will the entire cost be?

After you purchase the sale, Taylor will contact you to choose your date! All available dates are first come, first serve. You can book from December 2023-September 2024.

When can I book?


How does choosing my date work?

All sessions happen weekdays at 10:00am and are wrapped at about 1:00pm. There will be a handful of dates available in each month, so please be flexible with your timeline. We will manually email out a booking calendar in the order of the sale purchasers! All dates are first come, first served. If you choose to wait to pick a date, you must be flexible with scheduling.

Can i get a refund?

No, this purchase is non-refundable - no exceptions. All session information & pricing is available to review here. Please ask me ANY questions before purchasing and I will be happy to help! ◡̈ 

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